Stock code: 15


Vantage International (Holdings) Limited has been listed on Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 8 September 2000 (Stock Code: 15). The company is mainly engaged in construction work business and in property investment & development business in Hong Kong.

Our construction work business is in the name of 'Able Engineering Holdings Limited' which has been listed on Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 20 February 2017 (Stock Code: 1627). Vantage holds 75% of the issued shares.

Our group member, Able Engineering Holdings Limited (ABLE), has been listing on Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 20 February 2017. ABLE Group has been undertaking construction business in Hong Kong since in 1976. As a main contractor, we provide a wide range of building construction services principally for the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Works Department of Development Bureau, Housing Authority, Housing Society, Hospital Authority, Urban Renewal Authority, Utility Companies and other private sectors.

We are principally engaged in a wide range of construction work for both public and private sectors in Hong Kong in the following areas, namely:

  • Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Institutional Buildings & Community Facilities
  • Maintenance, Addition & Alteration, Renovation and Fitting out works
  • Repair and Restoration of Historic Buildings
  • Leisure & Cultural Facilities

The continuous growth of our business enables Vantage to become a well-developed and strong listed company in Hong Kong.


  1. Property Investment
  2. Property Development
  3. Financing
  4. Building construction: which comprises the construction and fitting out works of Government, institutional and private buildings, and public and private housing
  5. Building maintenance: which comprises the renovation, alternations, additions, repairs and maintenance works for Government, institutional and private building